Apple Watch + Productivity


I was a little leery when Apple introduced the first Apple Watch. But, the more and more I looked at it, the more interested I became. I finally decided to go out and get one, with the idea that I’d probably end up taking it back within the two week return period. Well, I certainly proved myself wrong. This little piece of technology has tremendously helped me in both my business and my personal life.


Reminders always at a glance. I don’t know about you, but I have horrible short term memory. This is why I write everything down, on different colored post-it notes and different planners. Now, I can input all my reminders into my app, and set alerts for them to buzz. And then repeat alerts to buzz again so that when I ignore it the first time I won’t forget. This alone has helped me in remembering important things I have to do during the day, especially when I’m on a deadline.


What’s important and what’s not. Every day we are flooded with notifications. I know you can turn this off on your phone but I’m alway worried I’ll miss something important. With my watch, I’m able to quickly glance down and see what the notification is, and a preview if it’s messenger or a text. Then I quickly decide if I need to respond or if I can deal with it later.


WEDDING DAY TIMELINE. I like to stay SUPER organized on wedding days. I write a timeline ahead of time. I write the exact order I’m going to shoot the family formals. With my watch, I can enter my timeline onto iCal, and then set it to alert me five minutes before I need to move on to the next thing. As much as I’d like to shoot details all day long, when my watch ¬†buzzes, I know I have five more minutes and I need to move on to the next thing on my list.


Checking in. I don’t know about y’all but when I am in wedding mode, I AM IN WEDDING MODE. Nothing matters except for my shot list and making sure I capture the day as well as possible. I rarely pick up my phone, not only because I don’t usually have time, but because it’s always made me feel a little unprofessional if I’m caught texting. Because of this, I can forget to check in with my husband. After a 12 hour wedding day, if he hasn’t heard from me he’s not super thrilled. With my watch, I can easily send him a text so that he knows I’m safe but very busy.


Gym. I use my watch every day at the gym! It helps me track my heart rate + calories burned.

I suggest the Apple Watch to everyone that will listen. It’s helped me a lot on wedding days, and in my office during the day.

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