It’s All in the Details | What’s A Detail Bag and Why is it Important on my Wedding Day?

One of my favorite things about wedding days is creatively shooting the details. Don’t get me wrong, I also love the formals, the ceremony, getting ready- but, I really love the details. The things you have been spending months imagining, and researching, and pinning. The things you’ve picked out that hold special meaning, the sweet florals that have been put together uniquely for your wedding.

I always shoot these things as soon as I arrive, when I am fresh. The easiest way to make this happen is to have it all ready to go for me (and my second shooter) when I get there, so I ask my brides to pack a detail bag the night before. This way, I can come in and say hey, and just grab your bag and go! Chasing you or your bridesmaids for details can take precious time!


First off, don’t forget your invitation suite! If you’re anything like me, you spent a lot of time picking out and designing the perfect set. Adding this into your detail bag allows me to add it to your photos and truly tell the story. Feel free to send me one in the mail ahead of time and I can bring one for backup too. If you’re having envelopes custom calligraphed, have your calligrapher do one extra envelope for you and your new husband. This looks awesome in detail shots too!

Have your florals, or at least your bridal bouquets delivered to the same place where you are getting ready. I love to involve florals in the detail shots but I often miss them because they are delivered to the venue right before the ceremony.

Add little details in your bag from your reception- extra ribbon, confetti, piece of wood, etc. Sometimes during the reception I’m able to grab from the tables to create a fun shot, but if you’re getting ready in a different location than your reception, I obviously won’t have this option. I also have a variety of different supplies at home. Feel free to send me pictures of your reception and wedding details ahead of time so I can see if I have anything at home I can bring to add.

Pack your groom’s details in the bags too! When I go to shoot the groomsmen, I’ll make sure I bring his details to him- I like to make sure I get a few shots of his stuff, and then of everything together.

If you’re not having a personalized hanger done, make sure to throw at least a wooden or satin hanger in your bag. Nothing ruins a dress shot more than a plastic hanger!

Also, set your dress + veil out for me near your detail bag, along with all of the bridesmaid dresses. This way it’s easy for me to use them in my shots as well.


Here are the things I suggest go in your bag on wedding day:

And of course anything else you think is important and pertinent to your wedding day.