{The G Family} A Gender Reveal Story

Kendra messaged me awhile ago with the most awesome gender reveal idea— lighting off paper lanterns to show the gender of the new baby. I thought it was a great idea, totally forgetting about Texas weather. We met on the perfect, breezy January day. Gorgeous light, great temperature. Towards the end of the session we attempted to light the lanterns, and there was just too much wind! We decided to reschedule that part of the session to the next week.

Of course, when we finally got to our new day, it was FREEZING outside– but there was no wind. So we made it work! Enjoy your sneak peek sweet G family, and congratulations on your first baby girl!2015-02-24_00012015-02-24_00022015-02-24_00032015-02-24_00042015-02-24_00052015-02-24_00062015-02-24_00072015-02-24_00082015-02-24_00092015-02-24_00102015-02-24_00112015-02-24_00122015-02-24_00132015-02-24_00142015-02-24_00152015-02-24_00162015-02-24_00172015-02-24_00182015-02-24_0019